A Little Bit About Us

We are an up and coming systems development firm based out of the midwest. We believe that systems are the optimal solution to managing your business in this digital society we live in. We believe that there is no one size fits all or templates to creating a well-rounded system for your business. Through the building of our online systems, we have provided our clients with many different tools and technologies in order to boost their revenue.


Through each project that we have built we have gained new insight in how we can create the web application of your dreams.


We are constantly utilizing the latest and greatest technologies and discovering new ways as to how we can greater improve the performance of our applications.


Our inspiration is our client, we take our time to understand yourself as well as your companies mission, goals and values. We take all of this and we turn it into our source of inspiration in order to build the product of your dreams


Hello there my name is Juan Lizarraga-Cortez. I'm a seasoned web developer. So what is it exactly that a web developer does, and what are the different aspects that go into building a sophisticated website? Below I have broken down the process, into 4 main categories, you may click on each of the tasks below to learn a little bit more about each subject.