The Book Club

About this project

The Book Club was developed during the spring of 2022 semester, for my undergraduate course. The motivation behind this group project was to develop a social media application for local book users. We wanted to create a simple application that was both user friendly and had an enriching user interface. The end-result speaks for itself.

What this project can do.

The capabilities of the book club include:

* Being able to sign up for your own personalized account using our registration feature.

* Being able to search for any book that belongs in our database and was not set to hidden by the owner.

* Contacting a user via our messaging framework to see if they would be interested in partaking in a book exchange.

* Following other users in order to allow them to join a community.

* Post a blog-post and respond to other users.

Skills & Technologies Utilized

My Contributions

As the overall architecture of the book-club I was tasked with performing the following:

* Creation of all data-model that allowed for the storing of books, creation of users.

* Coding of backend logic to support user features such as, signing up for an account, searching for books, messaging other users, following other users, creating blog posts.

* Coding of initial front-end, to structure the layout of our website.

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