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About this project

The motivation behind this project was to build a fully-customized, hassle-free website for Remodeling Dreams Construction, a local award winning remodeling company located here in Council Bluffs. In the past Remodeling Dreams has struggled with their web-service providers, from having a website that constantly had security risks, to not having any control over their static-fixed website. The end-result was a beautiful website using the latest and greatest to build out a fully responsive and dynamic website, where they have full control over all aspects of the website.

What this project can do.

On the user-end of this website, the user can view the following:
* Information that allows them to learn about RDC, by reading through their "About Us", "Our Process", "Our Testimonials".

* Users can submit a quote, through our form. A confirmation e-mail is sent their way once they have submitted the form.

* Prospective employees can apply for employment with Remodeling Dreams Construction.

* Users can view the many services that RDC provides.

* Users can view a project, that was completed by Remodeling Dreams Construction, through our responsive image gallery.

On the administrative end of this application, the admin can perform daily tasks such as:
* Adminstering the applications that get sent their way.

* Viewing the quotes that customers submit.

* Adminstering the services that they provide.

* Creating a project gallery for a particular service.

Skills & Technologies Utilized

My Contributions

This project was my first-ever freelance project, in this project I was tasked with doing everything, to support the functionality of the website, as well as moving the project onto AWS as it became more production ready.

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