Apple Nail Salon & Spa

About this project

The motivation behind this capstone project, was to build a hybrid scheduling system for a local nail salon company located in Omaha, Nebraska. Apple Nails & Spa is a local nail salon company, that serves a large diverse of clients. Some like to simply walk into the salon and wait for their turn, others who are type A such as myself, like to schedule an appointment and know that when they arrive at their scheduled date and time will be served immediately. Although we don't live in a perfect world and things can go wrong, we wanted to implement a solution that allows for customers to schedule an appointment as well as allow for management to manage these appointments.

What this project can do.

From the customers end, they can expect to do the following:
* register for an account in order to book an appointment.

* after signing in to their they may following the 5-step process to book an appointment.

1. Select the services that they would like.
2. Confirm the services that they want before moving on.
3. Select the technician that they would like to work with.
4. Select the date and time for that technician, if they don't find one that works for them, they may need to select someone else.
5. After confirming their date and time, they can upload an optional image and confirm their appointment.

* Customers may manage their appointment, such as re-scheduling at a later date and time with the same technician, all be it, or perhaps cancelling the appointment all together.

* Customers could manage their account, performing simple tasks such as changing their password, updating their e-mail, etc.

On the management side of things, admins can control the following:
* Determine who is staioned where, and where technicians should be placed in order to optimize, the flow of the business operations.

* Be able to create a technician/employee by either selecting a pre-exisitng user or creating a new user entirely.

Skills & Technologies Utilized

My Contributions

My contributions to this project, saw me be a full-stack developer as in my previous roles as well. So what exactly does this mean?

Back-end Programming
* Utilizing Python and the Django framework, I coded our backend to support processes such as signing up for an account, logging in, scheduling an appointment using the 5-step process.

* I utilized Django's built in data models in order to create and structure our database to allow for the storage of services, users, appointments, technician's time-sheets, etc.

Front-end Development
* I was tasked with doing all of the front-end development, so all of the visual components were my responsibility. So I could make the user-interface be very user friendly.

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