Chinese Spicy Restaurant

About this project

The motivation behind this project was to get accustomed to working with the Django Web Development framework which just really propelled my career duing my junior year of college. We wanted to develop a project that we felt was both challenging but was also simple enough for us to complete as a collective group. So we decided to build a restaurant app, with several key features.

What this project can do.

On the customers end, they can perform the following actions.
* They can choose to create an account or create an order as a guest.

* They may choose to order as a guest, but they will always need to input information such as their address, name, e-mail, phone number etc.

* Once a user has registered an account, they can submit orders and utilize a select from one of their many addresses that they can input from their settings console.

* They may add products to their cart.

* A registered user may add one or more addresses to their file, they can then select the desired address at checkout.

* They may also opt to, to pick up their order.

Skills & Technologies Utilized

My Contributions

On this project, I was the full stack developer so I was tasked with building the website from concept to creation, and coding the support for all features.

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